Where Style Meets Functionality

The Adessa Bedroom set turns your bedroom into a snug and elegant place. It comes in soothing colors and a grand design with plenty of storage space to help you stay tidy. The cushy, feather-soft headboard is a dream to lean back on, and it fits well with our Antique and Cappadocia cabinets to give you more options. This set brings together good looks and handiness right where you need it.

The Adessa Collection makes your bedroom peaceful and pretty. The small table next to the bed is simple with a touch of wood on top — great for keeping your bedtime book or alarm clock close. The dressing table with the mirror looks clean and neat, with lots of drawers for your things. And the bed is the star of the show, comfy and simple, with little lights on the headboard to make reading or relaxing easy. It’s all made to match well and give your bedroom a calm, nice feeling.